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Sustainable & Reliable Energy for Your Home.
Automation in Irrigation.

Company's Products

Solar On-Grid / OFF-GRID Projects


Our Company provides best solutions to Customers regarding ON-Grid and OFF-Grid Solar Projects

Wind Turbine On-Grid / OFF-Grid Projects


Our Company had installed Hybrid Solar-wind turbine On-grid Project in shirawali, Baramati.

Automation in Irrigation


Our company is providing best and simple operating system for all farmers regarding Automation in Irrigation systems.

Solar Water Heater


Our Company is Engaged in providing safe means of Solar Water heater  to those who believe in clean and green energy practices.

Electrical Softener for Hard Water


Our Company believes in Technologies and provides best and maintenance free method of making hard water soft interms of Electrical Softener.

Imported Solar Street light LED All In One type


Our Company is Importing solar street light LED directly from manufacturer and providing to customers in best prices.

Solar Garden Lights

Model No-DS/SBFGL/02


Solar   Panel 1.0 W   Battery 

Capacity 1.6 V 600 mAh  

Lamp Size 8.5*8.5.5*36 cm 

Lamp Capacity:- 1.2 W   

Charging Time:- 6-8 H  

Lighting Time:- 8-10 H  

Color:- Colorful 

IP Class:- IP55    

Model No-DS/SPWL/03

Solar Garden lights for pathway.

Solar   Panel 1.0 W

Battery   Capacity 1.6 V 800 mAh   Lamp Size 5.58*33.5 cm   

Lamp Capacity 1.2 W   

Charging Time 6-8 H  

Lighting Time 8-10 H  

Color Colorful   

IP Class IP44    

Model No-DS/SBFGL/01

Solar garden flaming lights

Solar   Panel 1.2 W   

Battery   Capacity 1.6 V 2000 mAh   

Lamp Size 31.3*11.5*10.5 cm   

Lamp Capacity 2 W   

Charging Time 6-8 H   

Lighting Time 8-10 H    

Model No-DS/SPGL/04

Solar Pathway Garden lights

Solar   Panel 0.5 W   

Battery   Capacity 1.6 V 800 mAh   

Lamp Size 8.5*8.5.5*36 cm   

Lamp Capacity 1 W   

Charging Time 6-8 H   

Lighting Time 8-10 H   

Color Colorful   

IP Class IP65    

Model No- DS/WGL/01


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Company's Products

Domestic RO System


Our Company provide long life Domestic RO system for Homes.

Commercial and Industrial RO System


Our Company provide the best Commercial and Industrial RO system for long term planning of customers.

Solar Water Pump


  Our Company provide the best Solar water pump for farmers. 

Company's Brochure


 Company's Brochure including details about our products. 

Company's Brochure


 Company's Brochure including Japanese technologies Solar Street LEDs.(All in One and 2 in one) 

Company's Brochure


   Company's Brochure including Japanese technologies Solar Flood LEDs.(2 in one)  

Company's Brochures and Systems

Company's Brochure


 Company's Brochure including Electrical Softener for hard water. 

Company's Brochure


 Company's Brochure including  Electrical Softener for hard water.   

Company's Brochure


  Company's Brochure including details about our products. 

Automation in Irrigation's Solenoids Valves


Automation in Irrigation project includes Solenoids valves.

Smart Phone as an Control


Application is runed in smart phone and act as a control to monitor automation in Irrigation

Principle of Automation in Irrigation


Basic principle on which Automation in Irrigation works which includes controllers and valves connected in a farm.